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Welcome to the Calgary Culture Club!

The Calgary Culture Club brings people together to attend art and culture events. These events are coordinated by volunteers who are passionate about the art and culture scene in Calgary.

Art events often include live music, theatre, dance, museums, movies, opera, ballet, art galleries, improv comedy, or anything else that is representative of visual or physcial art attractions.

Culture events are those that feature some aspect of our local, national or international culture. International / ethnic cuisine dinners, local neighbourhood / outdoor festivals and book club nights are just a few examples of the type of culture events we like to host.

We do have the occasional social event, but it too will often have some cultural aspect to it.

At the CCC, you'll find our event coordinators are non-discriminating and inclusive. One thing we do not do is host events that exclude members. For example, we do not host singles events, a girls only night out or demographic specific activities (i.e. for 40-50 year olds only).

The CCC is 100% volunteer run and is free to join! So sign up today and get involved by coming out to some of our upcoming events.

Get more general information, see our membership stats, or read our faqs.

Contact us with any further questions you may have.


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