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Calgary Culture Club - Volunteers

Officers and Administrators
Angela H: President
Ed: Webmaster
Toni G: Media Spokesperson (Past President)
Rhonda Scheurer: Founder, Executive Advisor (Past President)
Alissa: Event Communication Manager (Past President)
Lynda: Content Editor
David Meisner: Ambassador for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

See our Job Descriptions for more information.
Event Coordinators
Cynthia Rose
Dave S
Irene S
Jenn D...
Jim K
Judy T
Laura L
Lynn R
Margaret M
Michelle H
Mike H.
Nicole D
Sara C

We are always looking for Event Coordinators. If you think you may be interested, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Nicole at

Angela H
Angela moved to Calgary from East Central Alberta in 1986 to pursue an accounting career. She joined the CCC in September 2006 and has never looked back. A self-described “event hog,” Angela doesn’t want to miss any of the interesting things going on at the Culture Club!

She describes the club to others as a great way to do the interesting things she always wanted to do with friends she hasn’t met yet.

Angela is interested in almost anything cultural, including music, dining and movies. Expect her events to involve fun and laughter.

As President Angela is responsible for

  • Spearheading the planning and decision making activities for the club
  • Dealing with member issues (ie. inappropriate behavior, conflicts)
  • Coaching and training volunteers in performing their duties
  • Performing duties of open positions as required
  • Managing the Club's legal language
  • Answering e-mail inquiries sent to

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Angela H.

Ed is the CCC's webmaster, and is responsible for:
  • Updating content on static informational pages on web site
  • Updating web site options for site formatting and functioning
  • Updating announcements on club home page
  • Creating and updating club e-mail addresses/forwarders
  • Updating volunteer credentials, photos and bios as required
  • Answering website related inquiries sent to

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Ed.

Media Spokesperson (Past President)
Toni G
Toni has been involved in the arts in some form or another in every city that she's lived in. In Edmonton and Vancouver, she volunteered for the Fringe Festival and other theatre groups. In Victoria, she sat on the board for the city's public art gallery. She has also been a liaison for the municipal organization that provides funding for the arts in Calgary.

Toni has been a volunteer with the CCC since the summer of 2006. Most of her events involve some form of visual arts, music performances, dance, theatre, international cuisine and movies.

As Media Spokesperson, Toni deals with requests for interviews and other media inquiries for the Club, as well as conducting all on-air interviews. You can contact Toni at

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Toni G.

Executive Advisor (Past President)

Rhonda Scheurer
Hailing originally from the high-brow culture mecca of Alberta (aka Red Deer... what do you mean beer guzzlin' and gopher huntin' ain't high-brow culture??), Rhonda has been living in Calgary (most of the time) since 1993. In April 2003, Rhonda started the successful Calgary Outdoor Club, and in January 2006 started the Calgary Culture Club as somewhat of an "offshoot" of the COC, utilizing its web site code, processes and philosophies to create this new club. Rhonda was the first president of the CCC, reigning from January 2006 to April 2007 when Alissa and Jorinda staged a successful coup and took over. Rhonda still helps out with running the club as needed (generally sticking her nose in uninvited).

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Rhonda Scheurer.

Event Communication Manager (Past President)
The very second that Alissa heard about the Calgary Culture Club she knew she had to join up, and less than one month later she became the club's Vice President and Volunteer Coordinator. Fourteen months later (in April 2007) she became the club's second president. She says it's nice not to have to drag unwilling friends out with her to enjoy some of her faves, including symphony, opera, wine making, ethnic dinners, theatre, and art house films, plus with the CCC she'll be too busy to have to dream up all those excuses to beg off from going to Cowboys. Join Alissa and her eclectic group of friends on her wine making, dinner, theatre and film events

As the Event Communications Manager, Alissa:
  • Assembles cultural events and event ideas from a variety of electronic sources and communicates them to the Event Coordinator Team

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Alissa.

Content Editor
Lynda became a volunteer coordinator soon after joining the club upon its inception in 2006. She has been a proud Calgarian since 1980 although she spent a nine-year "extended vacation" on the British Columbia side of the Rockies in the '90s.

Lynda has delighted in watching the city grow into a vibrant, culturally diverse place that's rich with all kinds of fascinating things to do. She is always on the look-out for fun, interesting things to share with club members in the city and its outskirts.

As the Content Editor, Lynda is responsible for:

  • Ensuring correctness and accuracy of static web site content
  • Event Content Management: ensuring correctness and accuracy of event details and write-ups
  • Member Content Management: ensuring correctness and accuracy of member Calendar Postings

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Lynda.

Ambassador for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
David Meisner
David is member #3 of the Calgary Culture Club, having joined the date it was created. He has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and is the CCC’s Ambassador for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

David enjoys participating in events which involve learning and experiencing new and different things, and although he prefers the Calgary Outdoor Club, he enjoys the CCC as well (and calls it the Calgary Indoor Club). David's favorite events involve aircraft and machinery, and he always enjoys opportunities to chat.

More information about autistic spectrum disorders: Autism Calgary ; Autism Society of Canada

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by David Meisner.

Event Coordinator
Alan was born in Saskatchewan but at the age of four moved his family to Vancouver where he grew up and got married in the rain. He then lived and worked in Iran for a couple of years of adventure before settling down in Switzerland for five years of indulgence. Returning to Canada, he spent a dozen years in deep snow in Montreal before moving to Calgary in 1996. He also spent significant time working and touring in Egypt, Greece, Italy and a variety of other countries where the local bad habits can be easily adopted. In spite of all the travel, he has remained married and their three sons can claim to be independent most of the time and self-supporting some of the time.

In addition to his official job as an engineer, Alan has been a sailing instructor. He has advanced certificates in SCUBA diving and a black belt in karate. He is a hapless golfer, fair weather cyclist, skier and member of a recreational league 8-ball pool team. His cultural interests include jazz, classical and most other genres of music, literature, astronomy, theatre, art, philosophy and fine wine. Alan will be coordinating events in his areas of cultural interest.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Alan.

Event Coordinator
Cynthia Rose
Cynthia Rose is originally from BC but moved to Calgary in 1981. She is happy to attend all kinds of events, and especially ones that are free, fun, musical, or involve food! She is described by her friends as the most intense laid back person you’ll ever meet. She loves to laugh and sing outloud, yet is unsettled by karaoke. “It just seems so easy, and fun when the mic is not in your hand.” Occasionally she likes dressing up for events as it can be part of the fun.
She is ready to offer a smile and warm friendship to all. She joined in April 2007, right after she heard about it, and thinks it has been wonderful to have people to attend cultural events with again. A severe allergic reaction caused much upheaval in her life, such that she has studied the alternative healing arts for many years, and has a rather Metaphysical approach to, and Philosophy of, life now. With friends in all walks of life, and of many different religions you will find her interest in you and your beliefs very genuine.
She’s eager to co-ordinate events that work for her schedule and can sometimes include kids. Also, one day, there might even be some “field trips” to events further away. There was a trip she took by herself to Edmonton for Cats that was especially enhanced because it included attending Stage West for the first time. Then it was going to Montreal to see a Ballet about Baseball, which was such a delightful experience that it was repeated with going again to see “STOMP”. Who knew it would come to Calgary? But it did and it was fun, and so was going to Kelowna to see Stuart Maclean...

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Cynthia Rose.

Event Coordinator
Dave S
Dave was born into culture as he grew up in the shadows of K-Tel International Headquarters in Winnipeg. Dave is an authority on Pattie Stackers, Miracle Knives, the Brok-A-Brella and Chubby Checker's Greatest Hits....or is it Hit? He left Winnipeg to see the world and found himself being shipped off endlessly to exotic Wainwright Alberta.

Don't ask Dave to put on his "Boogie Shoes" to go down to "Funkytown" and be a "Disco Duck". Dave contributed to culture by being a member of the "Disco Sucks" movement-an ad hoc group dedicated to the eradication and elimination of the dreaded musical disease that was an over hyped commercial-driven fad, known as disco. He still recalls with pride the zenith of the movement-"Chicago's Comiskey Park-Disco Demolition Night" where thousands of disco records were "blowed up -- blowed up real good!" The movement was successful. Part of the cultural collateral damage of the movement was whipping out the associated fashion of disco such as polyester leisure suits and high heeled shoes for men. Dave would like to restage the event to "Honour" some of the currently produced sucking music, but nobody will sell him dynamite.

Dave enjoys music by emerging less-established acts. Dave's philosophy is good music is timeless when referring to the established-classic acts, but do you really want to see 85 year old Mick Jagger rolling out on stage with a walker singing "Satisfaction?" It's time for new musical icons.

Dave also enjoys independent films, theatre and various other events.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Dave S.

Event Coordinator
Em grew up in Edmonton, went to school in Ontario and was lured to Calgary for work in her 20s. Em’s cultural interests include wine and beer tasting, along with an eclectic enjoyment of music, theatre and dining.

She is most likely to coordinate events which promote laughter and enjoyment and involve food, wine, beer, music, dance, fun challenges, animal appreciation and an opportunity for folks to get to know each other better.

Em loves international travel and warm water scuba, so who knows what kind of events she may post!

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Em.

Event Coordinator
Eric was born in the U.S. and became a Canuck at the wee age of four. He is a twin, the older of the pair, and ended up without a middle name as his brother was a surprise so his parents had to divide the names between them. He has been in Calgary since 1971 and joined the CCC about a year ago. His interests include musical events and going to restaurants that are not your typical eating establishments. He enjoys socializing with everyone and also loves to cook.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Eric.

Event Coordinator
Irene S
Irene joined the CCC in April 2010 as a great way to meet new, like-minded people. Irene has a varied list of interests that include theatre, live music of almost any type, movies and documentaries, lectures, cultural dining experiences and adventure travel. Irene enjoys anything that involves discovery, adventure, great conversation, a good laugh and enjoyable company.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Irene S.

Event Coordinator

James was born and grew up in Montreal. He also lived in Japan and London, Ontario before being lured with a new job prospect to Calgary in 2001.

He enjoys international travel, hiking, skiing, cooking, savoring good food & wine, continuously learning, watching movies as well as listening to music.

James will be coordinating music appreciation sessions.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by James.

Event Coordinator
Jenn D...
Jenn is originally from the centre of the universe. You guessed it: Toronto. Don’t hold that against her, though. Go Flames!!! Jenn has lived in Calgary since 1993 and loves not just the mountains but also the great cultural goings-on in the city and surrounds, such as festivals, concerts, art shows and movies. She’ll be watching for, and posting, less expensive but not less entertaining events.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Jenn D....

Event Coordinator
Jim K
Jim has lived in Calgary since 1974, coming out west from Toronto to ski. Besides being active in the outdoors, he enjoys cultural events. His interests and events will tend to include music of all types (except opera), theatre, movies and dining out.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Jim K.

Event Coordinator
Judy T
Judy spent most of life in sourthern Ontario and only moved to Calgary a few years ago. She enjoys comedy clubs, theatre, an eclectic variety of music from opera to punk, and especially likes working her way through the vast array of ethnic restaurants available in Calgary. Expect her events to reflect these interests.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Judy T.

Event Coordinator
Laura L
Laura has lived in Calgary since 1996. She has previously lived in Nelson BC, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg. She loves outdoor activities especially hiking, biking, walking and now, thanks to an introduction by the Calgary Outdoor Club, snowshoeing. She is also interested in cultural events including movies especially true stories, festivals, musical theatre and books. She is a designated accountant and lives with her teenage son.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Laura L.

Event Coordinator
Lynn R
Lynn really did move to Calgary from Vancouver Island for the weather, specifically the sunshine .... She originally relocated to Calgary in 1984, but was exiled back to the Island for 10 years before finally managing to “break free” in '99. Her interests are varied and currently include reading, theatre, music, food, travel, and just about any activity or event where she has the opportunity to learn.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Lynn R.

Event Coordinator
Margaret M
Marg was born in Taber and moved to Calgary right after high school with her high school sweetheart and now long-time husband. Her parents and siblings were all born in Calgary and she has a lot of extended family here. Marg coordinates learning events and tours for the CCC.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Margaret M.

Event Coordinator
Michelle H
Michelle was born in Saskatchewan, where the cultural events consisted of demolition derbies and turkey races. She soon tired of that and decided it was time to try life in the city, so she packed up her car and headed west. She has been in Calgary since 1994, with a one year hiatus in Hungary.

Michelle joined the CCC in its first month (January 2006), and was Volunteer Coordinator from 2008 to 2010. She loves to discover new music, especially local musicians playing in smaller venues. In addition to attending live music events, Michelle enjoys going to the theatre and discovering new restaurants.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Michelle H.

Event Coordinator
Mike H.
Mike has lived in Calgary 22 years, and moved here from Ottawa, his home town. For the past 20 years, Mike has worked in the technology field, and he is currently self-employed in computer support for homes and small businesses. Learning Spanish for traveling in Latin American countries is high on Mike's priority list. Mike coordinates wine tasting, theatre, music and dance events for the CCC.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Mike H..

Event Coordinator
Nicole D
Nicole grew up in Calgary and moved back here in 1997. She likes getting out and exploring what the city has to offer.

Her interests include films, history, ethnic restaurants, music, museums, theatre, reading contemporary & classic fiction, and festivals

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Nicole D.

Event Coordinator
Sara C
Born in Calgary, Sara has moved around a lot, living coast to coast. She moved back to Calgary after five years of wandering to be closer to family. Sara wears two hats: full-time Youth Worker and full-time graduate student.

Sara’s interests are many and diverse, but she is most attracted to events where she can meet others, relax, mingle and have fun.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Sara C.

Event Coordinator
Veronica is a native Calgarian with two brief sojourns to Hinton and Rainbow Lake. She spent the last five years as a volunteer coordinator with the Calgary Outdoor Club and decided it was time to round out her interests. She happened to mention her interest in a certain activity at a culture club event and voila! she became a coordinator!

Her interests are music, food, travel, wine tastings, and shakin her tailfeathers.

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Veronica.

Event Coordinator
Veronique moved to Calgary in February 2007 as she fell in love with the Canadian Rockies years ago. Brought up in Europe (originally from France ), she spent a lot of time traveling different parts of the world, studying languages and discovering new cultures. Latin America is one of her greatest fascinations.

Veronique is interested in:

  • Multi-cultural events (offering the CCC members the opportunity to practice their French, Spanish or Italian)
  • Cinema
  • Art exhibitions
  • Opera
  • Latin American dancing
  • Discovering great restaurants in Calgary

Veronique’s favorite quotes include, “Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit,” and “Music in itself is healing. It is an explosive expression of humanity and it is something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music.”

See Upcoming Events or Past Events being coordinated by Veronique.

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