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Calgary Culture Club - How You Can Help

CCC does not ask that members pay any dues to join our organization, but that doesn’t mean that we don't still have needs to fulfill in order to function. Therefore, we ask that you help us out from time to time (in return for the good times we provide you).


Is your company or organization interested in being a sponsor of the Calgary Culture Club? The CCC is actively seeking sponsors to donate on a yearly (or monthly) basis. This would allow the club to eliminate the "voluntary donations" on which we currently rely to cover our expenses. Sponsors get:
  • A banner ad at the top right of CCC web pages. There are a total of 24 banner spots in our banner rotation, which cost $100/year each. A sponsor may purchase one spot (for $100/year), or as many spots as they want (out of the remaining available spots). If you purchase one spot, your banner will appear on at least 1/24 CCC pages (until we have full sponsorship, your banner will appear more frequently). Purchasing more spots will increase your coverage appropriately (two spots will make your banner appear at least 1/12 times, and so on).
  • Your banner ad, link, and company description on our "Sponsors" page.
  • Mention in our e-mail newsletters which are sent out approximately 1/month.
To become a sponsor of the CCC, or for more information about becoming an CCC sponsor, please contact our Sponsorship Officer, Jorinda, at

  • Event Coordinator
    Put on a CCC event by sharing with others the activities that you like the most or special skills you have. For most activities, you need not be an expert to organize something.
    Once you've chosen an event that you would like to organize, please review and follow the coordinator checklist to ensure an event is pulled off smoothly and consistently across the board.

  • Executive and Administrative Positions: The Calgary Culture Club team consists of the following positions. Some of these positions are currently occupied, and others are open. If you are interested in an open position, please contact Angela at to apply.
    • President (Position currently filled by Angela):
      • Spearhead the planning and decision making activities for the club
      • Coordinate, train and coach members of volunteer team
      • Deal with member issues (ie. inappropriate behavior, conflicts)
      • Coach and train volunteers to perform their duties
      • Perform duties of open Positions as required
      • Manage club's legal document verbiage
      • Answer e-mail inquiries sent to
      Skills required: Excellent communication skills. Professional yet friendly and approachable manner.
      Time commitment: About 20 hours/month, plus time required to perform duties of open positions.
    • Vice President (Position currently filled by Angela):
      • Assist President with planning and decision making activities
      • Assist President in dealing with member issues (ie. inappropriate behavior, conflicts)
      • Learn/know how to perform all volunteer duties, and how to lead events
      • Assist in coaching/training volunteers to perform their duties
      • Assist President in management of legal documents
      • Assist President in performing duties of open positions as requested
      • Provide backup for President (e-mails, decision making, etc) when President unavailable
      Skills required: Excellent communication skills. Professional yet friendly and approachable manner.
      Time commitment: About 5 hours/month, plus time required to perform duties of open volunteer positions.
    • Treasurer (Position currently filled by Angela):
      • Manage club finances
      • Receive member payments for events
      • Make event payments to service providers
      • Manage club PayPal account
      • Manage club donations
      • Manage club expense payments, such as web hosting, etc.
      • Manage club budget
      • Answer e-mail inquiries sent to
      Skills required: Some bookkeeping experience. Must be bondable.
      Time commitment: About 10 hours/month.
    • Volunteer Coordinator (Position currently filled by Nicole):
      • Recruit event coordinators from experienced and knowledgeable membership base
      • Train and coach event coordinators on club procedures for leading events
      • Assist new event coordinators with their first events as needed (including club members who coordinate an occasional event without joining the volunteer team)
      • Answer event coordinators' questions and/or put them in touch with the appropriate volunteer
      • Monitor events to ensure procedure is being followed properly by all coordinators
      • Follow-up periodically with inactive coordinators to ensure that the volunteer page stays current and up-to-date
      Skills required: Excellent leadership, coordination and communication skills. Professional yet friendly and approachable manner.
      Time commitment: About 15 hours/month.
    • Communications Manager (Position currently filled by Angela):
      • Answer questions posed to, answering e-mails in a timely, friendly, and professional manner
      • Develop rapport and foster a friendly, comfortable atmosphere with people inquiring about the club
      Skills required: Excellent communication skills. Professional yet friendly and approachable manner.
      Time commitment: About 10 hours/month.
    • French Liaison (Position currently filled by Steph B):
      • Answer questions sent to our "francais" mailbox
      • Develop and translate web site content in French
      • Foster a positive relationship between the CCC and Calgary's Francophone community
    • Content Editor (Position currently filled by Lynda):
      • Static Content
        • Regularly review static web site content to ensure it is correct and up-to-date:
          • About CCC Pages: All
          • Membership Pages: "Membership Info" and "Rules" (not waiver)
          • Events Pages: "Payment Info", "Paypal Info", "Event Checklists", "Coordinator Checklist"
          • Other Pages: "Links"
        • Send required changes to Webmaster for web site update
      • Event Content Management
        • Review Event Details for completeness and accuracy of information. Inform coordinators of errors and/or edit/fix errors directly.
        • Review Event Details for spelling and grammatical errors. Inform coordinators of errors and/or edit/fix errors directly.
        • Review Event Write-Ups for spelling and grammatical errors. Inform coordinators of errors and/or edit/fix errors directly.
      • Member Content Management
        • Review Calendar Postings for spelling and grammar. Fix as required.
        • Review Calendar Postings for completeness and accuracy. Fix/expire as required.
      Skills required: Good organizational and communication skills. Excellent written communication skills. Good computer skills.
      Time commitment: About 10 hours/month.
    • Photo Historian (Position currently filled by the Photo Historian):
      • Photo Album Management
        • Receive photos from event attendees
        • Review all event photos, selecting which ones to post in the photo album
        • Crop and enhance photos
        • Upload photos to Fotki service
        • Manage photo albums in Fotki, for example, rearranging photos to be in logical order as required.
      • Slide Show Management
        • Select photos to include on the slide show (on the CCC Home Page)
        • Crop photos and add date
        • Upload photos to the web site via FTP (they will automatically show up in the slide show)
        • Remove old photos over time/as required
      Skills required: Good organizational skills and computer/internet skills. Experience with photo manipulation software.
      Time commitment: About 10 hours/month.
    • Webmaster:
      • Update content on static informational pages on web site
      • Update web site options for site formatting and functioning
      • Update announcements on club home page
      • Create and update club e-mail addresses/forwarders
      • Update volunteer credentials, photos and bios as required.
      • Answer e-mail inquiries sent to
      Skills required: Strong computer and internet skills. Good HTML skills.
      Time commitment: About 5 hours/month.
    • Partner Data Manager (Position currently filled by Angela):
      • Use the COC Back Office web pages to enter and maintain data pertaining to CCC Partner organizations (ie. media partners, sponsors). For example:
        • Sponsor information records
        • Banner Ad schedules
      Skills Required: Computer, internet and data entry experience. Communication and decision-making abilities.
      Time Commitment: About 2 hours/month


    The Calgary Culture Club is free to join and most of our events are free to attend.

    The CCC volunteers are determined to keep it that way, but also must find ways to recoup some of the expenses incurred by the club. For example:
    • Internet Costs (ie. web hosting, domain registration)
    • Research Materials (ie. maps, books, etc)
    • Advertising and Promotion (ie. printing costs)
    To keep it as fair as possible, we're asking for voluntary donations on a "pay as you go" basis. If you can make a donation when you attend our free events, simply give your donation to the event coordinator when you show up.

    There will be a "suggested amount" posted for each event on the web site, but, of course, you are welcome to donate more or less than the suggested amount.

    Voluntary Donation FAQ

    Q: What is the voluntary donation money used for?
    A: The CCC has a few unavoidable expenses, such as web domain registration, web hosting, internet photo album service, first aid supplies, and printing ( cards and waivers). At times that we have extra money in the bucket, we hope to use that money to do fun things like partially covering the cost of food/beverages at our anniversary party.

    Q: Why voluntary donations, and why on a by-event basis?
    A: The club must have a way to cover its expenses. The club volunteers feel that charging a set yearly membership fee would discourage people from joining the club. Also, charging a yearly membership fee would require incorporation of the club and bring with it a lot more red tape and expenses. So far, the most fair way we've come up with to finance the club is to ask people for donations on a 'pay as you go' basis.

    Q: Do I have to pay the voluntary donation for every event I attend?
    A: There is no obligation to pay every time. In fact, some people pay every second or third time that they attend club events. Some people prefer to give us a once/year donation (their choice of amount), which is also fine. Pay what you can, in keeping with the value you feel you receive from the club. The voluntary donations are what keep the club going at this point - it is our main source of income.
    To ensure that regular participants do not end up paying more than they would if we simply had a yearly membership fee, the club volunteers have decided to cap voluntary donations at $20/year for members. Donations are, naturally, completely voluntary, but once a member feels that they've paid their maximum ($20, or an amount of their choice), the club no longer expects them to donate.

    Q: Can I do something else to help the club besides making voluntary donations?
    A: Absolutely! Volunteer some of your time to the club. There are many ways you can help out:
    • Become a volunteer (see our open positions at
    • Coordinate events for the club. Do you have any favourite activities that you can coordinate for the club? Organize and coordinate the events yourself, or co-coordinate with a club volunteer who can do a lot of the admin tasks, while you take care of just doing the event on the day of (and doing the post-event follow-ups). See the Coordinator Checklist ( for more information about what it takes to coordinate an event for the CCC.

The CCC is not owned or operated by any company. We survive off the support of volunteers, sponsors and donations
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